Dandruff: do not rinse

Cure 3. Dandruff can also be associated with impaired metabolic processes in the body, the blood flow to the scalp, improper hair care. Zero zero zero zero
Dandruff is one of the most common diseases of the scalp. It appears a large number of loose scales on valasztas of the head.

In most cases, dandruff — seborrhea companion

violation of the sebaceous glands. Dandruff can also be associated with impaired metabolic processes in the body, the blood flow to the scalp, improper hair care. In addition, the cause of dandruff can be a lack of vitamins A and group, stress, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and fungal diseases. Oddly enough, hair loss can appear… shampoo for dandruff — if it is picked up correctly. http://www.flookigeza.info/

Human cells are constantly updated. The scalp is no exception. In normal healthy human skin cells are refreshed every 25-30 days. And, thank the nature, it happens with them (cells) not immediately, but gradually, so that the person doesn’t notice. Another thing, if in the body fails, and then, unfortunately, this process becomes noticeable even to others. Dandruff is the dead cells. If you have dandruff — this suggests that, for some reason, the period of cell renewal of the scalp decreased to 6-7 days.

Experts say that the accelerated cell renewal process directly affected person yeast fungus that in peace time” coexists with us, but each failure in the body immediately turns on, starts to multiply rapidly, and may even cause inflammation.

Dandruff, oily and dry

Oily dandruff occurs when high fat content of the skin. Dandruff flakes of yellowish color, large, saturated with sebum, glued to each other, more firmly held on the skin than in the case of dry dandruff, and can form naslain. The hair is oily, unpleasant linaza may itch. The latter is due to the fact that fat clogs the excretory ducts of the sebaceous glands and potovyh and irritates the nerve endings.

Dry dandruff occurs when dry skin and often accompanied by itching. Particles of dandruff a small. They are on the entire surface of the head or mainly in the frontal and parietal areas, rarely in the form of separate foci. Dry dandruff occurs when salauddin reduced, the skin is slightly scaly, the hair looks neugranin, brittle and can split at the ends. Dandruff falling from the head, and visible on clothing.

Usually, dandruff is the manifestation of some disorders in the body, an alarming symptom. So before you start a fight with her, it is better to consult a specialist.The treatment of dandruff, complex. An important place is occupied here health events, adequate sleep, fresh air, exercise. If dandruff is caused by excessive oily skin, you should limit the consumption of animal fats, carbohydrates, salt, sweet, spicy and smoked foods, alcohol. Your menu should be rich in vegetables, fruits, dairy products. When dry dandruff if the reason is lack of moisture in the epidermis (superficial skin layer), sometimes enough to restore the water balance in the body — and easier to drink more plain water to the scalp has regained health.

With the problem of dandruff more effectively and conveniently fight with the help of therapeutic shampoos that are sold in pharmacies. Their main active ingredients are antifungal and antibacterially medication.